First day didn’t go as well as I would have liked

Not going to jump to any conclusions yet, but the first day of leads was pretty shitty.  Lots of idiots calling in “just looking for information.”  None of them seemed genuinely interested or came across as legitimate prospects.  A lot of them just seemed like they were calling in because they were bored and had nothing else better to do.  Fucking annoying.

Of the 7 calls I fielded, I had 2 good pitches.  1 did not qualify because he could not afford the service, and the other was shopping around and said they’d get back to me by the end of the week.  I do not feel strongly about the one that said they would get back to me either.  Generally, I’ll have several good pitches during the day and I’ll feel good about at least a couple of them, meaning I’m confident that they will amount to a closed deal.

The other 5 were just garbage.  Some were calls with immediate hang ups, and some were wrong numbers.  The wrong numbers I can at least return for a credit which is a good thing because the calls are expensive; however the others I have to eat.

Also, my delivery is 4-6 leads a day, and today I got 7, and I had a lot of downtime and was pretty bored.  Once I have a pipeline filled, 4-6 might be enough to keep me busy along with follow up from other leads, but as of right now its not enough.  I would like to increase my daily volume, however not if the leads continue to be this poor of quality.  We’ll see how things pan out this week.  Again, I only took 7 leads, 5 of which are valid, so it’s hard to make any conclusions just yet.  Tomorrow, every single person I talk to could be a great lead.  It’s just how this shit goes sometimes.  My lead vendor assured me that he has a guy right now who is running his own shop, that is consistently closing this leads at 15%, and last month he closed as high as 19%.  I consider myself to be better then average on the phone, so hearing that makes me think i should be able to close in the same range.

Good news is I only ordered 30, so if the quality is garbage for the entire lead order; I can look into another source.  It’s not like I wired this guy 10k for 200 leads; I’ve already learned from making that mistake in the past.

I just hope these leads work out because searching for good sources is exhausting.  It fucking burns me out when my main focus should be selling and bringing in more business.

Got to remain optimistic because it’s only Monday.  Hopefully I’ll have a post towards the end of the week that’s more kick ass in nature.  It kind of sucks though because you want to set the tone early in the week for how the rest of your week is going to go.  I was really hoping to have a good Monday and to carry that momentum into the remainder of the week.

Doesn’t matter, shit can change literally over night.

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