I need a breakout month!

Since I started my company things have been going extremely slow.  I’ve never had an issue with production while working for other people in this industry, but when I decide to work for myself, everything is a pain in the ass.  Go figure.

Its mostly do to a budget issue, and not having enough money to buy adequate leads so I can produce enough business for growth.  Watching my bank account slowly dwindle from 40k to under 4k has been extremely difficult; not to mention, given me hardcore anxiety.

Both months of January and February were expected to be huge, and they completely flopped, which fucked me royally.  I decided to change things up completely with the leads I was getting for March.  Thank god I’m getting my tax refund this month or I do not know if I’d be able to continue onward.  I’m planning on using my tax refund to buy as many leads as possible so there won’t be this issue of not having enough leads to produce adequate business.  As of right now, I just need that one month of breakout production to put me over the top and it needs to be this month.

The new leads start this upcoming Monday so things have been extremely slow this week.  I’m just sitting in my office going crazy, anxiously awaiting the start of next week.  These times are the most difficult to stay motivated, so I try not to over extend the amount of time I’m in the office.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem working long hours and busting my ass, but I’m not going to sit at my desk for 12hrs doing absolutely nothing.  When things are rocking and rolling, I have no problem putting in the time.  In the meantime, I’ve cut my hours short this week to help keep my sanity.  Just spending a lot of time in the gym and trying to keep an upbeat and positive outlook so when Monday comes around, I’m ready to kick ass.

You have to work smart and hard, not just hard.  You can run 10 hours on a treadmill and when you are done, you are still in the same spot you started at.  Remember that.

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